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One thing that we all have in common is that we have all have experienced trauma.  Veterans, police officers, fire fighters, medics, search and rescue personnel all have experienced traumas.  We know that these traumas, when unresolved, create symptoms such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  Individuals that are exposed to trauma, repeatedly are at increased risk for suicide.


Currently the FDA is reviewing the Phase 3 trial results of MDMA assisted therapy.  The results have been exciting; a full 2/3 of patients that were diagnosed with severer PTSD after receiving treatment saw a complete reversal of all PTSD symptoms.  The FDA is actively reviewing the results and have allowed select psychotherapists to start utilizing this process to start treating individuals. Similar result have been found using ketamine which is currently available across the country and psilocybin is showing similar potential.


Psychogenic assisted therapy is an intensive process that involves two psychotherapists, a psychiatrist  or medical doctor and nursing staff.  The medication is administered in a therapy session, usually last 6-10 hours.  Drugs such as MDMA and ketamine appear to unlock the portion of the brain that blocks individuals from processing the traumas. During the process two therapists are present to assist in working with the patient with the physician prescribed drugs.  Multiple sessions are required as well as follow-up sessions without the use of drugs.  The results reported so far are amazing.


Typically, health insurance does not cover mental health treatments.  Currently, the VA does not provide or cover this type of life saving trauma therapy.  This therapy is very expensive as it involves many professionals over multiple sessions.  This therapy is out of reach for most people.  The Returning Soldier Initiative has created the Trauma Therapy Fund that will fund individual treatments.



The proceeds of the Trauma Therapy Fund go to veterans, police officers, fire fighters, medics and search and rescue personnel who are experiencing symptom resulting from exposure to trauma.  This can be trauma from the battlefield, work or as a volunteer.      


Having the chance to give back to our military veterans and countrymen is a privilege. For more than [number] years Returning Soldier Initiative has worked to help military members and their families build their dreams and become engaged members of the community.