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RSI Kennel

One thing we have learned is that starting with the right dog can be the key to success!  We provide puppies to veterans that will help them succeed in the becoming a certified search and rescue dog handler.  These puppies are raised in a home environment and exposed to children, adult dogs and lots of love.  Some of our veterans raise litters of these very special, high drive dogs in their own homes as they pay it forward.


Starting with the right dog for Search and Rescue work is fundamental to success.  This is something that experienced handlers know, if only I started with the right type of dog.

We choose European Lines of German Shepherd Dogs such as from the Czech Republic or Labrador Retrieves from proven hunting lines.

The puppies we raise have the following attributes:

- High play/prey drive

- Highly social

- Strong nerves

- Intelligent

- Athletic

- Proven working lines

- Resilient to stress

- Hard tolerance



It takes a village


Training a search and rescue dog literally takes a village of people, it cannot be done on its own.  That is why we partner our veterans with local groups for mentorship and training.


There is no substitute for knowledge. Veterans have the opportunity to engage in a host of programs and training seminars that ensure a competitive edge in the job market.


Training begins at day one.  RSI puppies are raised in a household environment so they get exposed to children, strangers, slick floors, stairs and they learn from adult dogs how to be dogs.  We also begin to acclimate them to uneven surfaces and introduce them to HRD scents. They are introduced to games that spark their drive and utilizing their noses.  They are then introduced to the world,, and once they receive their vaccinations they begin the socialization process.

Occasionally there are puppies available from litters that are not placed with veterans.  These dogs are only suitable for WORKING HOMES- search and rescue, law enforcement, sport or protection work.  For more information on these pups please contact us here: Puppy Info

Matrix Litter- German Shepherd Dog

Born: January 15, 2018 

4 Females (black), 3 Males (1 black, 2 black and tan)

Sire: Zippo Fihrak


Dam: RSI Trinity


Search and Rescue Dog of the 

United States

Type 1 Suburban Trailing Qualifed


Current Litters